Important Message from York Photography Network

Important Message from York Photography Network

Use it or lose it, a call to action.

For over two and a half years the York Photography Network has been an informal photo group in York UK for photographers of all levels, sharing knowledge and taking photos in a fun and supportive way. There is a large social element to it too, and I describe it as “a group of friends who get together once a week to mess about with their cameras.”

We used to meet face-to-face every week at York Photography Studio, and since lockdown we have continued our weekly meetings over Zoom, with a presentation or discussion on a different photography-related topic every time. I’m very grateful to the small group of people who have willingly offered their time to the group in leading these sessions.

We have been doing this for nearly six months now, which is far longer than certainly I, for one, had anticipated, and there is currently no prospect of returning to our get-togethers any time soon. Zoom, as everyone probably knows, is ok but just not the same, and over this time the numbers attending have dwindled from over 20 to typically five or six.

These numbers are really too low to be sustainable given the amount of work it takes to research and put a discussion topic or presentation together. It’s also not fair, or even desirable, to have the same small group of people be responsible for coming up with ideas and putting in the effort for so few attendees.

In terms of numbers, there are 427 in the Facebook group, 209 in the group, almost 200 liking or following the Facebook page and 125 followers on Instagram, so even allowing for overlap, there are hundreds and hundreds of people interested in photography and what being part of the group can offer.

YPN is an amazing group of people, but there is a real danger now of the group simply fading away and closing, as the effort and costs of supporting and running it are simply not sustainable. It would be a shame to lose such a great community, as even online, we have fun and informative sessions.

So now is the time for action and to give something back to the community that you are a part of!

This is what you can do to help:
1. Start joining the weekly Wednesday evening sessions and find out what we’re all about. Follows and Likes are not enough! Over the next few weeks we’ll be having sessions on capturing sharp wildlife photos, editing using Affinity Photo on an iPad, using gimbals for steady video, a historical presentation on photography as art in the 1920s, a photo quiz and a fun editing challenge – a varied programme and something for everyone. I’ll be posting further details soon.
2. Even better, offer to run a session. This can be on any topic you like and is not as scary as you might think as we’re all very friendly. Just something lasting 45 minutes will do as there is always plenty of chat and two-way interaction to pad it out. For example, come and tell us about “your thing”, what you like about it, how you do it and show us some photos.

I could also do with some help in running the group, especially comms and social media to keep people informed and promote the group. Our main channel is, but we also have a Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, website and a dormant email list to keep up to date and relevant.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming sessions, or you can get in touch via the email address below if you’d like to help.

Best wishes,

Steve Evans
Organiser, York Photography Network
September 2020

Instagram: @yorkphotographynetwork

Events in November 2019

Our events for November 2019.

But first, a note to beginners or if you are wondering if this group is suitable for you. We have a broad mix of experience from complete beginners to published photographers. Most of our meetings are based around practical activities, you can shoot at whatever level you’re at with whatever equipment you have. So if you have a phone, a point-and-shoot, a bridge camera or a DSLR/mirrorless camera, there will always be something you will be able to do, and there are always helpful people around if you have any questions.

We have a specific session for beginners coming up on the 20th, and then the following week we’ll try something new and have a beginner-friendly side-session while the main session is going on. But no need to wait until then, just come along to any of the meetings!

Coming up:

  • Wednesday 6 November: Food Photography Part I. This will be mainly watching and discussing videos followed by a quick go ourselves.
  • Wednesday 13: Food photography Part II. This will be a quick refresh followed by a longer go ourselves. We’re not experts, we’re just having fun exploring something different. And eating anything left over, of course!
  • Wednesday 20: Beginners session, looking at some photography basics. We have a conversation going on in the Facebook group around what everyone would like to cover.
  • Wednesday 27: Open Studio Session and Beginner’s Follow-on Group. Nothing particular planned, so come along with some ideas or something to photograph. We will also be holding the first side-session for any beginners that would like a smaller group.
  • Saturday 30 Nov – Monday 2 Dec: Photo North Festival, Harrogate. This is the second year that this has been running and a number of us will be going. Full details at

But really, our activities are an excuse for us as a group of friendly people to get together once a week and take some photos, so if you’ve not been yet then why not come along sometime. No need to book or make contact beforehand, just join us on the night.

Doors open from 7pm and we normally get going about 7.30. There is no entry fee as such, just a suggested pay-as-you-feel donation of £3. Teas/coffees and biscuits are included!

York Photo Studio
112-A Acomb Road (in the basement under the Yoga Studio)
York YO24 4EY

Events in October 2019

Here’s an update of what’s happening this October. On Wednesday 2nd October we will be having an open studio session where we will just go with the flow on the night. On the 9th October we will be doing a table top/still life session in the studio, bring something along that you want to photograph. 

On Wednesday 16th October we will be having a portrait photography talk and practical with Richard Egan. As this is such a wide topic let us know what areas you would like Richard to cover either on Facebook or in person. On the 23rd October we will have another open studio session and the final session of the month on the 30th October we will be doing a photographic treasure hunt in York City Centre, where you will have to complete as many photography related tasks as you can!

Also a quick reminder that the The Hull International Photography Festival is on between 4th Oct to 27th Oct 2019 will lots of exhibitions and workshops. Have a look at the programme at and let us know if you are planning a visit. 

As usual the doors open 7pm and we’ll get started at 7.30pm.

Events in September 2019

What’s coming up this September

Hi Everyone, 
Here’s an update of what’s happening this September. On Wednesday 4th September Steve W will be doing another presentation showing us how to create photo books using, he will also be bringing some examples of the books he had created for us to see. On 11th September we will be doing another ‘recreating a famous photo’ session and will be recreating a portrait photo this time. 

On the 18th September we are delighted to be joined by Claire Armitage, fine art and documentary photographer, and winner of the Best Selfie Photographer at the British Photography Awards 2018, for a workshop on self-portrait photography. This event will be at the Knavesmire on Albemarle Road. Tickets are £5 and can be purchased at or on the door on the night. 

The final session in September will be a night in Knaresborough on the 25th September, where we will be exploring the highlights of the town with our cameras. 

As usual, the doors open 7pm and we’ll get started at 7.30pm.

See you on Wednesday. 

Events in June 2019

Here’s an update of what’s happening in June. On Wednesday we are in the studio for a photo review evening, bring along all the wonderful photos you have been taking to share with everyone. 

On the 12th June we have a tabletop session in the studio and on the 19th June we have an outdoor session with exact details to be confirmed.

Finally on the 26th June we have a presentation night, we are looking for a volunteer to present on either software or techniques. Let us know if you are happy to do this. 

Off-Camera Flash Workshop 23 May 2018

York Photography Network is delighted to present an Off-Camera Flash Workshop with Mark Ratcliffe and Sarah Swift.

Mark is a professional event photographer and runs lighting workshops for individuals and clubs ( He also represents Pixapro as a brand ambassador. Sarah is a professional model and is the owner of Swifty Productions (

In the first part of the workshop, Mark will talk a little about his background and event photography business before explaining about Pixapro lighting and trigger systems. He will then explain lighting setups and posing and interacting with a model.

In the second part he will discuss on-location portraiture, high speed sync and balancing ambient and flash exposure.

The evening will finish with a general discussion and question and answer session, and if time allows, the opportunity for the audience to come up and take some photos of their own.

The workshop will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23 May in the Private Meeting Room at The Knavesmire pub on Albermarle Road, South Bank, York YO23 1ER.

Doors open at 7pm. The cost is £5 per person on the door, no advance booking is required.

A bit about Mark and his event photography business

Part 1
Studio flash demonstration with Pixapro lighting and triggers
Studio based lighting setups explained
Posing/interaction with a model
Posing to the light

Part 2
Discussion on location portraiture
Balancing ambient and flash
Shooting in high speed sync

General discussion and Q&A

If time allows – Photoshoot with Sarah with advice from Mark

About York Photography Network
The vision of York Photography Network is to create a community with an interest in any aspect of photography. We meet weekly with the emphasis being on practical activities in a collaborative and supportive environment, although the activities are really just an excuse to get together, make some new friends and above all get shooting! We welcome photographers, smartphone users, videographers, models and make-up artists, or anyone else who’s interested, or thinks they might be, with any level of experience from absolute beginner through to professional.

Getting Started With Video

This week was a slight change in format in that we had a presentation only. The topic was Getting Started With Video and we were given a very entertaining and informative talk by one of our regulars on how to video and record short interviews and how to edit them together afterwards. We had tips on how to pick a good person to interview, recording sound, synchronising sound and video with off camera microphones and some common pitfalls. Continue reading “Getting Started With Video”