About the York Photography Network

Our vision is to create a community with an interest in any aspect of photography, with the emphasis on meeting people through practical photography activities in a collaborative and supportive environment based around regular meeting nights.

We welcome photographers, smartphone users, videographers, models and make-up artists, or anyone else who’s interested, or thinks they might be, with any level of experience from absolute beginner through to professional.

We’re calling it a “network” to emphasise the collaborative and informal nature, just come along and join in as and when you like.

Starting from 21 February 2018, we are planning a weekly schedule of varied events, mostly held at York Photography Studio on Acomb Road. There will be opportunities for tabletop and still life, studio work, software techniques, photowalks and evenings out, and there are also a number of one-off specials in the pipeline.

The activities are really just an excuse to get together, make some new friends and above all get shooting!

If you’d like any more information then please get in touch using our contact page.